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Home Education: Keeping it Simple and Sweet


Version 1 (click on “white cover” graphic, far left): Large-size in pdf format—print onto 8 1/2 x 11” paper and staple or hole-punch on the side.


Version 2 (click on “blue cover” graphic although it is actually “black and white”, not in colour): Smaller-size in pdf format—print onto 8 1/2 x 11” paper, fold in center and staple in center.


Grade-By-Grade Planning Chart: Back by request of customers, these few pages can provide guidance especially for new or short-term homeschoolers who want to use some of our resources to plan their year around the style of traditional grades.

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“...lessons that stick with a refreshing touch of sweetness.”

Handwriting Paper (pdf format)


Using the general well-known concept of a “house”, we did some pages for our son for 2 reasons. First, I couldn’t find it elsewhere with the 4-lines of red, blue blue red that match our Canadian exercise books.  (Dotted lines or just 3-lines seem popular in American programs.) And I wanted the graphic (e.g. roof) to stay within the lines where the children are supposed to print, not outside of them. Secondly, I couldn’t find where the concept grew step by step in progression up to a “normal” lined page, using the same graphic. It was taking less time for us to design it ourselves on our computer than it was to keep searching online. We hope these pages will help other beginners to understand letter placement.

(If desired, the blue lines could be lightly coloured in with a pale blue highlighter, as if it were water in the background of the cottage scene.)

Text Box: If you have seen an old catalogue of ours or have a PSLC resource which mentions teacher tips formerly posted on our website, and you want a copy of a specific sheet, you may e-mail us with your request and/or join our newsletter. We have removed these teacher helps from our website for now.
Text Box: For free downloadable Bible Study resources, click on the tab “Our Faith” or here
Text Box: Ideas for How to Use Math Manipulatives—from previous catalogue and seminar
Text Box: Characteristics of PSLC’s original “Let Me Read” program

(e.g. how it works, teaching methods, literacy tips)

Note: This program is currently being updated into a second and expanded new edition. Let Me Read Step 1 has just been published (July 2017).

Above are free samples of David Emke’s detailed colouring pages with Scripture verses.

They may be reproduced for non-commercial uses only. 

Original drawn size were 8 pictures per 8 1/2 x11 page but they may be resized to be half or full sheets each.

To purchase more of his drawings, please see the art section of our current catalogue.