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1. Downloadable, printable catalogue (as of October 2016)

2. Downloadable, printable “Supplementary Literature Bundles” (These are not listed in main catalogue and currently are only posted for the younger levels. I’m working on gathering the titles for the older levels. Hopefully everything will be together for a new fall catalogue.)

3. New Products (July 2017)

4. Ordering Instructions

5. Shipping Rates

6. Clearance Section

7. High School Section - tips and resources  (not in catalogue)

To place an order or ask a question:

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“Snail Mail”:   357 Skyhills Road,

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Regular Shipping Rates  (Ontario)

effective October 1, 2016


$14.50 for orders under $100

10% for orders $100—$200

8% for orders $200—$350


All other provinces/territories: Due to the rise in shipping costs, please be prepared to add a minimum of

$2.00 extra for any shipments going outside of Ontario. Thanks for understanding.


Shipping Specials:


Ţ Toonie ($2.00) shipping for a single disc/CD (e.g. PSLC’s printable curriculum disc, CBH music CD) or paper sheet of DWE artwork.


Ţ FREE SHIPPING for orders OVER $350 * before taxes via Canada Post to a single Canadian address 



A few exceptions apply such as parcels shipped to remote places or foreign orders, which are charged the actual shipping costs. High school textbooks may also be charged actual shipping if costs significantly exceed our rates.

And parcels with “clearance” items in them may be, at our discretion, charged actual shipping.




The "Peppermint Stick"

2016 Special Clearance Prices on PSLC 1st editions

(printed books only and while in-stock quantities last)


Many of the 1st editions have less than 5 copies left. The plan is not to take the time to reprint these older titles until the second editions are complete, some of which are currently be worked on. However, we are still able to sell most of the PSLC resources on a printable disc in the meantime if we run out before the second editions are published.


Beginner Social Studies (JK/SK) - $30.00

Beginner Science (JK/SK) - $40.00

Beginner Math (JK/SK) - $35.00

Does It Belong? (JK/SK) - $13.50

It’s Snowing - $5.00

Foundational Science: Fossils and Dinosaurs – $10.99

Foundational Science: Weather and Energy - $15.99

Foundational Science: Stable Structures - $14.99

Foundational Science: Solids, Liquids, Gases - $14.99

First Grade Social Studies - $30.00

Art for Grades 1-8 - $50.00

Creative Writing for Primaries - $35.00

Songs, Poetry, and Riddles - $30.00

A Make-It-Yourself Recipe ….Book - $15.00 {

Phonics Unit 1: Consonants - $14.99 {

Let Me Read: Reading Comprehension for Primaries - $15.00

Canadian History Studies: Pioneer Life in Upper Canada 1st edition only —$35.00 { 



Sold Out PSLC Titles

(printed book format)…


Sorry for any inconvenience—we are working on getting more second editions completed  or series rearranged so that we can once again have the printed versions.

Some titles should be back in print by the time of our August 5 and September 1 & 2, 2017 sales here.


· Let Me Read: Beginner Reading Program set (JK/1)- printed version—all gone!

· Beginner Printing… The printable disc format of this resource is still available.

· Printing Lessons for Primaries—The printable disc format of this resource is still available.

· Foundational Science: Simple Machines—fully sold out; this unit is still available within the Science Level B printable disc.

· Science Level B printed book  is sold out - the disc version is still available.

· Kindergarten Bundle of the titles in printed book format—all gone! We still have the Kindergarten bundle that has some printed books and some books on disc available.

· Beginner Creative Writing and Art (JK/SK) - all gone!

Text Box: Discontinued/Clearance 
Product Listing for 2016
 (click here)
Right Arrow: Download your printable 
JK-Gr. 8 catalogue here!

Please note a change to our payment options as of June 2017:


We are no longer accepting credit cards.


We do accept cash in-person, cheque/postal money order, and e-transfer for your convenience.

Supplementary Literature Bundles

Product Updates (July 2017)



READING CURRICULUM:  Let Me Read Step 1 is at the printers and should soon be “in-stock”!  Our price is $50.00 (plus tax) for a consumable book/audio CD set and $75.00 (plus tax) for the set that includes one consumable book/audio CD AND a disk with a printable pdf file with home license to reproduce the book within your own family (e.g. for your child’s younger siblings). (School classroom reproduction licenses are a higher cost.) The book includes our updated and expanded “Peppermint Stick Teacher Training” notes and lists, plus the student worksheets and activity suggestions. It is unbound so that you can rearrange the sound alphabet and sight words in your binder to match your sequence of letters and own reading materials. This resource has 150+ pages of really helpful and fun material to teach “how-to-read” with young children, ages 3-6 years old. See our catalogue for more information.


SCIENCE CURRICULUM: Beginner Science, Health, and Technology, 2nd edition: The expanded edition (~180 pages) is now completed and ready for sale on a printable disk (pdf format)! Teach your “littles” some very fascinating and foundational topics, at their level of curiosity and understanding with simple pictures and large print! Price for the printable disk (reproducible within a single family or single classroom) is $55.00 plus tax. (Other science curriculum titles such as “Look Up and All Around” and “Grrr, Wiggle, Chirp, Splash!” are hopefully done soon too!)

OTHER BOOKS: Newly reprinted “Alice and Jerry” School Readers! These are the old-fashioned stories by Mabel O’Donnell that were used in schools in the 1940’s-1960’s. They have several sequential books per grade and are more expensive than the Canadian Reading Development Series that we also sell but some of you might want to invest in these interesting vintage-style story readers. Except for the first 4 titles which are softcovers, they are hardcover books.


Grade 1: (7 books in total) - $125.00 for set

Skip Along—48 pgs

Under The Sky—72 pgs

Open The Door—72 pgs

High On A Hill—48 pgs

Day In and Day Out—160 pgs

Round About—208 pgs

Anything Can Happen—192 pgs


Grade 2: (3 books in total) - $75.00 for set

Down the River Road—160 pgs

Friendly Village—256 pgs

Neighbors on the Hill—192 pgs


Grade 3: (3 books in total) - $80.00 for set

If I Were Going—348 pgs

Through the Green Gate—192 pgs

Five-and-a-Half Club—256 pgs


Grade 4: (just 1 book in total) - $27.50

Singing Wheels—384 pgs


Grade 5:—$27.50

Engine Whistles—284 pgs


Complete Set of “Alice and Jerry” Readers for Grades 1-5: $335.00

Home Schooling and High School Pages (pdf)


                 On our past website, we had a section with helpful charts and informative notes explaining what Canadian home schoolers “do” for the high school years, focusing on options for Ontario students. We shared these as a guide for parents and these have been received well since posting them a few years ago. Links and ideas have helped a number of families to know where to find curriculum, courses, online schools, etc. and to understand what accreditation versus a “Mommy transcript” means.

                 To simplify our current website, we have copied our high school-related pages into a pdf download instead with some updates and added some example curriculum design/evaluation worksheets. 

We sell a handful of Canadian high school – level curriculum/books. Click on the purple box to view these listings. The prices will be confirmed at time of ordering. (These products are generally not listed in our main catalogue.) More recommendations are posted on my Pinterest board or in the pages on the brown link, below.

Our oldest child has completed high school, mostly at home.

Text Box: Home Schooling During the High School Years
Click here to download a collection of past webpages with some updates and example design/evaluation sheets.
Text Box: How to Order

We are open for orders year round and ship across Canada.
We are closed on Sundays and all Canadian statutory holidays. We are also closed for lunch daily.
Customers order by phone or e-mail; parcels are shipped by Canada Post unless otherwise indicated.

Very Easy Ordering Steps:
1. Make a list of the items you want to buy from our catalogue.
2. Add your complete shipping address and your phone number. 
3. E-mail your list to us (or phone).
4. We can total your order for you, including the shipping and taxes for your province if you wish OR you can do this yourself. We can also e-mail you an invoice back before you make a payment if you want confirmation.
5. Payment must be received before your parcel is shipped. Some customers mail a personal cheque or postal money order.  Cheques and money orders are to be made payable to Peppermint Stick Learning Company Inc.  NSF cheques will result in a $45.00 charge. Other customers pay by E-transfer. Cash is also accepted if paid in-person (Please do not send cash in the mail.) 
It’s that simple! 

Sales Tax: All items are subject to GST/HST to Canadian customers. You will need to add the following percentage to items marked with a {  (flower symbol): ON add 13%, NL, PE, NS, and NB add 15%, and all other provinces add 5%.

Price and availability of products are subject to change without notice.

RETURNS: Most products in our catalogue are refundable if returned in re-saleable condition within 30 days. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer unless the reason for the return is due to a defect. Please call in advance before you return it. It would be wise to insure return parcels.
Sorry, we cannot refund items with a seal broken or if it has been shrink-wrapped and opened, unless defective. (This would include items such as stickers, CDs and DVDs, as well as a few textbooks that are shrink-wrapped by the supplier.) We also cannot refund items returned in a condition that most publishers consider not re-saleable…“Re-saleable condition” means things like without writing on the pages, without “dog-earing”, and without the binding being flattened open as if to photocopy. Also, we cannot refund any Poster Pals products.
There is a 10% handling fee if you return any grade 9-12-level textbook. (Other returns do not have a handling fee.)

Note about safety: All of the pencils, etc. we sell have been certified non-toxic. Many of the science supplies, games, manipulatives, etc. (e.g. in clearance section) contain small pieces and are not suitable for children under 3 years old due to a choking hazard. Please exercise parental prudence and care when using these items.

Privacy Policy:  We do not share your name, address, telephone number, or e-mail with any other companies or organizations.

Catalogue Information

(updated 2017)

(This replaces the first few pages in the main catalogue.)