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Acknowledgements: On this page of our website—Maple leaf miniature painting by David Emke, used with permission. See the “Art” section of our catalogue for more of his artwork, including Scripture Verse memory cards to colour and full-colour prints to make crafts and gifts. J

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Follow homeschool mom, Joy, on Pinterest for links and ideas. Joy is the main person behind the “Peppermint Stick” style. Her Pinterest boards are where you can find her many of her old links from this website and new ones relating to education plus some personal “family favourites”.

Text Box: Mark your calendar if you live in or will be on vacation in the Muskoka area (Ontario) this summer for our 
first-ever “Peppermint Stick Learning Company Sale” at our home at 357 Skyhills Road, Huntsville! 

AUGUST 5  and SEPTEMBER 1 & 2, 2017                

10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Saturday, Aug. 5th & Sept. 2nd)

1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Friday, Sept. 1st)

The details…

Parking: Out of consideration to our neighbours, please park in our driveway (limited space) or along the “cliff” side of the road (since there are no driveways along there.)
Children: are welcome but need to be under your supervision. We do have a play area close to the book displays BUT they will not be officially supervised by us. In other words, please either keep your eye on them yourself or bring another responsible person with you (e,g, “Dad”) to watch over your own children if you bring them. 
Allergies: Due to multi-chemical sensitivities, we ask that you try to not wear strongly scented products (perfumes, insect repellents, etc.). The bugs should be very few in number in the sale area.
Items for Sale: Catalogue items, clearance stuff, non-catalogue surprises—books, curriculum, educational resources and supplies, Christian ministry items, gifts. Plus we will have door prizes and freebies! J
Payment Terms: Cash or E-transfer please.
Cancellation/Postponing of Events: If either of these weekends need to be postponed, we will try to post a notice on this webpage.
The Sale: is in our covered deck area, so if it’s raining, the sale is still on!
Who can attend? These events are open to the general public and are of special interest to homeschooling families, schoolteachers, other educators, seniors, and anyone else who likes find a good book! 
					       We’d love to see you!J