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Acknowledgements: On this page of our website—Maple leaf miniature painting by David Emke, used with permission. See the “Art” section of our catalogue for more of his artwork, including Scripture Verse memory cards to colour and full-colour prints to make crafts and gifts. J

Peppermint Stick
Learning Company Inc.

“...lessons that stick with a refreshing touch of sweetness.”

Company Overview:

             We specialize in offering fun, purposeful, practical, easy-to-use, Canadian homeschool curriculum… lessons that truly STICK with a refreshing touch of sweetness! As a Canadian family business, we provide other home schooling families and educators with academic curriculum and resources that meet or exceed many of the ministry of education topics of study and skills in Canada! But we do this according to our “Peppermint Stick” style/methods and educational philosophy. 

OUR PRODUCTS: We develop and publish some curriculum resources (printed books, printable books on disk), with a special focus on the junior kindergarten (preschool) to elementary levels. We also carefully choose and distribute high quality products from other publishers and suppliers. Our goal remains CANADIAN with wholesome values. Customers often comment about our uniqueness!

OUR SLOGAN: “Lessons that stick with a refreshing touch of sweetness” means that we try to provide enjoyable and straightforward curriculum that helps lessons to “stick” by incorporating a VARIETY of hands-on, written, and auditory methods to reach any kind of learning style. We believe that every child learns best this way, regardless of their strengths, and that it makes learning together as individuals who are different from one another, easier for the teacher and more beneficial and fun for the students. We also encourage families to learn together daily from the Bible which is refreshing to our lives and “sweeter also than the honey and the honeycomb” (see Psalm 19:7-10, 119:103). Some of our curriculum and all of our family/church resources have Biblical content;  we desire to uphold the unchangeable truth of God’s Word and Biblical principles for everyday life.

Peppermint Stick Learning Company Inc. is a mail-order home-based business which operates from the beautiful Muskoka District in Central Ontario. In late 2015, we moved to a new home located just a few minutes west of Hwy. 11, near Huntsville, ON. We look forward to the opportunities for growing in this community. Delighted customers include home educators, public schoolteachers, children’s ministry workers, senior citizens, parents, and others!

                                                                                                                                  - Joy and Rob Delmore

Phone: (705) 788-0663

E-mail: info@peppermintsticklearningco.com

or     peppy@peppermintsticklearningco.com


“Snail Mail”:   357 Skyhills Road,

                          Huntsville, Ontario  P1H 2N5


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Text Box: 2016 NEWS...Looking Ahead…Our Future Plans

Yes, we have moved, settled-in, and are able to ship orders again! It has been a long and complex moving situation these past few years and we apologize for the delays in updating the website and catalogue. Thank you once again, for your patience! We are now located 5 minutes west of Huntsville, ON.
Please note the change of telephone number and mailing address. 
We intend to remain a business where orders are handled by a real, live person. We have no plans to have a clicking method of automated ordering; people need people more than machines. We care about our customers! Please continue to e-mail, mail, or phone in your orders throughout the year or come visit us on at a special event when we prepare for “in-person shopping”.
Q: Can I see your products in-person at a home school conference near me? Do you travel? Would you speak at our home school group? Do you have a retail store?

A: We have enjoyed attending a number of home school conferences since 2008. Presently, we have chosen to step back from the travelling aspect of our business for this “season” of our lives and therefore, will not generally be attending future conferences for now. The reason for not attending conferences as vendors includes the difficulty of travel to such since we live in Central Ontario, too far from any of them for an easy trip. Our current responsibilities include caring for a number of children (toddler to senior high) plus Joy’s elderly parents who now live with us, and finishing the construction of our house/property. For this season of life, we need to have a business that works “close to home”. We continue to sell across Canada and a growing percentage of sales are out-of-province. Although Joy has presented seminars about homeschooling, for now, this aspect has also been set aside for the same reasons as mentioned. Some past seminar handouts/teaching tips are available by e-mailing her.
If you are in the local area or expect to be for vacation… Our new location provides a greater opportunity to hold occasional “in-person sales” in our community in the future, perhaps beginning this year or next. Join our mailing list if you want to know when/where. (Please understand though, that Peppermint Stick Learning Company is still primarily a “home-based mail order business” and is not a retail store with regular hours.) 
Our focus will remain Canadian for Canadians, offering useful and meaningful lessons that are fun to teach and learn. Because we desire to bring honour to God in our product choices, we preview both secular and “Christian” resources for truthfulness and appropriateness for education that meets or exceeds Canadian standards; we search for the most helpful materials from various suppliers rather than offering a smorgasbord of anything available from them. We also aim for offering unique products that are different from most other educational supply companies or stores. These points will continue to strongly shape our business across Canada. 
Another goal is to provide more Bible-based products for our local community (however, not all of those products are listed in our catalogue). 
Finally, we began as a business that designs and publishes Canadian curriculum with the home school families in mind. So, we hope that more new resources will be published and some of the “older” ones,  made into fresher editions. I am currently doing more writing and drawing for these projects. Two examples: Math Sticks 2 is our newest 1st edition release. The popular “Let Me Read” program is in the midst of becoming a second edition and expanded series with some updated graphics and styling with Step 1 for JK hopefully being printed this fall. Our “Pioneers in Upper Canada” was expanded into a 2nd edition too and published earlier this summer.  
The 2016 catalogue is significantly smaller than those in recent years so that my extra time can go towards my publishing efforts. The disadvantage is that not all of the products we sell will be listed. Instead, only people who see our products in-person or ask specifically if we carry a certain item, will know about the non-catalogue items we sell. The teaching tips in the past catalogues will be added by many others in a future resource book. The advantage is that if our catalogue shrinks enough, we will strongly consider providing printed catalogues in 2017 like we used to do and we know that many of our customers will be happy with that decision. 

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Follow homeschool mom, Joy, on Pinterest for links and ideas. Joy is the main person behind the “Peppermint Stick” style. Her Pinterest boards are where you can find her many of her old links from this website and new ones relating to education plus some personal “family favourites”.